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Dental Radiology Course (DRC)

DRC Provided opportunity to learn the various routines of radiographic techniques and processing. In addition, this program prepares students for  DANB Radiation Health and Safety (RHS) Exam, a requirement to obtain a Radiology License in State of Maryland.

6 months of experience and employment in a dental office is required. 

Starts JULY 10, 2024
Enrollment closes JULY 8, 2024


Our Dental Radiology Course (DRC) is a 4 week online program that allows our students to become familiar with dental radiology, terminology, techniques, and instruments needed to become knowledgeable, skilled and efficient dental radiology technicians.

Our lectures happen weekly and online, from the comfort of your home. Students will obtain clinical practice at their place of employment under the supervision their doctor.

Upon completion of DRC our students will receive their Radiology Certifications along with Certificate of Completion from Dental Assistant School Of Maryland

This program is fully virtual


We strongly believe that full hands-on raining is still the best way to learn. While the class is virtual, we still require radiographs to be taken by the student under the dentist's  supervision and be submitted for review by the school instructor. 

Starts JULY 10, 2024
Enrollment closes JULY 8, 2024

Our graduates are able to:

  • Take, develop and read dental x-rays
  • Be prepared to take DANB Radiation Health and Safety (RHS) Exam
  • Sterilize and sanitize instruments and equipment
  • Understand patients record keeping and medical history
  • Know how to be HIPAA compliant and much much more...
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Cost & What's Included

DRC total cost is $875.00

Included in the tuition:

  • Textbooks
  • Handouts
  • X-Ray Certificate
  • Online access to lectures, tests and downloadable materials


Payment Options

Requirements For Enrolling

Applicants must:

  •  Be at least 18 years of age
  • Be employed by a dental office
  • Have 6 months of dental experience
  • Provide 2 forms of ID
  • Understand, read and write in English
  • Meet school official in-person or online via video interview
  • Be prepared for the tuition (payment options available)

Applicants will be considered without regard to race, creed, sex, or national origin.


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Graduation Requirements

Students may graduate and be awarded a Dental Assisting Certificate of Completion with the following conditions:

  • Successful completion of the Dental Radiology Course
  • Minimum 85% attendance rate (The student can not miss more than 4 classes)
  • An overall grade point average of 70% or greater
  • Achieve a passing grade on all lab work
  • All financial obligations are satisfied


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 The Dental Radiology Course is designed to teach the students the skills and knowledge necessary to take dental X-rays and pass DANB RHS exam.

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